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Thursday, 27 October 2011 09:59


Thomas Michael Varley BSc (Hons) Geography

Heads of English Department

Here at SIA, we teach to understand, not just to pass tests.


As people interact more and more in an increasingly globalized world, the importance of learning English cannot be overstated and must not be underestimated.  Adopting an informal, active style of teaching, we build not only your child’s capability but also their confidence to express themselves through the written and spoken word.

Students are invited to immerse themselves in the English language and are made to feel comfortable yet challenged.  Our teaching team creates an interactive and dynamic classroom environment which actively promotes student participation at all levels.  Ongoing assessments of each individual student ensure their best interests are always at heart in the pursuit of well-rounded young adults.

Young learners are developing most when their inquisitive minds are allowed to explore and expand on subjects and at SIA, we offer your child the opportunity to do exactly this. Our school promotes open conversation and freedom of expression which gives our students the perfect platform to go into the world armed with the linguistic skills to succeed and achieve.

The great minds of tomorrow are the students of today.



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